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Bruxism and Nightguards

Bruxism is a condition where you unconsciously grind or clench your teeth, which can lead to deteriorating oral health.

What is Bruxism?

It is a condition where we unconsciously grind and clench our teeth which can happen when we are awake but mainly during our sleep.

Sometimes a person may not be aware if they have bruxism and is only made aware by their sleep partner due to the loud noise of their teeth grinding.

What to Do?

The detrimental effects of bruxism can be reduced by mainly wearing nightguard during sleep and by eliminating some of the contributing factors before sleep.

A nightguard work by putting a barrier between your teeth therefore lightening the tension during clenching and gives a cushion to the jaw muscles. Not only does this cushioning help prevent facial and jaw pain it mainly protects your teeth and dental restorations from the traumatizing forces during clenching/grinding.

Signs of Bruxism

Here are some signs that you may have Bruxism. If you notice that you have these signs, please consult our Dentists.

  • Excessive wear, chipping or damages of the teeth which can result in tooth fractures and/or broken dental restorations.

  • Soreness of the facial muscles in the morning which can lead to dull headaches/migraines.

  • Excessive wear of the TMJ that lead to problems such as difficulty chewing, jaw clicking/popping.

  • Fatigue from lack of sleep.

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What Causes Sleep Bruxism?

While the exact cause of sleep bruxism is unknown there are many associated factors and stress/anxiety is one of the most significant of these factors. Teeth clenching is a common reaction when facing stressful situations which can therefore carry over into our sleeping cycle. Other contributing factors include cigarette smoking, alcohol consumptions, caffeine intake, depression and snoring.

Obstructive sleep apnea is also a contributing factor in sleep bruxism which has additional health risks that would require further evaluation and treatment.

Please Ask Our Dentists If You Show Signs of Bruxism.

*All our nightguards are 3D printed and custom made with our iTero digital scanner for greater precision and comfort

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