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Replacing teeth with dental implants
is the next best thing to your natural teeth.

Tooth Replacement

In today’s dentistry, dental implants have become the standard of care for replacing missing or non-restorable teeth because the implants mimic the shape and function of natural teeth.

Healthy gums are essential for the long term success of the implants. With proper care and regular check-ups, dental implants are excellent options when it comes to replacing your teeth!

Our tips to protect your dental implants

Feel free to ask our dentists to
see if you are a suitable candidate.

  • Good dental hygiene - brush and floss regularly
  • No smoking
  • Regular dental & gum checkups and cleaning
  • Minimize teeth grinding and clenching with a nightguard

Dental Implants

It is a surgical procedure that only require local anesthesia and have minimal discomfort after the surgery.

Following proper healing and integration, the prosthetic portion (crown/bridge/full denture) is then screwed or cemented onto the implant.

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